Appointments can include any combination of services.

Swedish or Deep Tissue
30 Minutes$60.00
60 Minutes$100.00
90 Minutes$140.00
Swedish massage is relaxing, long flowing traditional technique to relieve stress. Deep tissue technique targets areas of chronic pain and muscle tension using a massage pressure and depth that is within your comfort level.  


30 Minutes$60.00
Essential Oils$75.00
An ancient method of using pressure points on feet and hands to start a curative and balancing effect for the whole body.  Specific oils and creams are applied to places of tension that are tender on palpation.  Reflexology can be added to any session.



La Stone Therapy
90 Minutes$150.00
52 warm smooth stones are used in the massage technique as an extension of the therapist’s hands and also placed on the body’s chakra areas to melt away tension, and promote deep relaxation and detoxification.  Some stones are even placed between your toes!  



Aromatherapy Massage
60 Minutes$95.00
Swedish Massage using essential oils to heal and nurture. Adding essential oils can greatly enhance your massage experience.  Different blends or single oils are used on different parts of the body.  Delightful!



Raindrop Technique
45 Minutes$90.00
Seven essential oils are applied in a specific order as part of a foot and back massage.  This technique provides a healthy balance both physically and emotionally.  Oils are sprinkled on the back to simulate the experience of rain and to ensure there is no interference between the initial reaction of the energy of the oils and the client.  Raindrop Technique assists the body in its natural detoxification process, boosts the immune system and relieves back and neck pain.  The seven oils used for Raindrop Technique include:


  • Oregano, battles viruses
  • Thyme, anti-viral
  • Cypress, bone repair
  • Basil, muscle relaxant
  • Peppermint, topical analgesic
  • Valor, anti-spasmodic
  • Oil of your choice.


Taking the rest of the day off is recommended.